Service, Leadership, Experience


Adopted at the age of 15

I owe my life to the State. 

I had the privilege of beginning life over again after being adopted and moved from Florida to Ravenswood, West Virginia. This is where my story begins. 

High school in small-town America

 I graduated from Ravenswood High School in 2004. While in school I was active in baseball, wrestling, FFA, and student government. 

State FFA President

I was elected and severed as the West Virginia State FFA president in 2005.
I am a strong proponent of student development organizations such as the FFA!

College Days

I graduated from WVU–P with a Associates degree and a Bachelors degree...

while working midnights as a police officer! 

Police Work

I graduated from the West Virginia State police Academy in the fall of 2005. 

I had the privilege of serving as a police officer for seven years with the Ravenswood and Ripley Police Departments as well as the Jackson County Sheriffs Department. 

(This opened my eyes to many needs in our community!)

From Police Officer to Pastor

In 2011 I began serving as Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Point Pleasant, WV. 

This has proven to be one of the most rewarding service opportunities of my life! 

Husband and Father

I’ve been married to my lovely wife Amy for nearly 10 years. 

We have 3 precious children and are an open a foster home as well. 

I have learned much about life through the lens of “husband and father“